Living in the middle of a big city, you might feel like you have to travel pretty far to be able to enjoy some nature. The Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is part of a larger network of outdoor areas maintained by Credit Valley Conservation, and it is closer than you think. This outdoor area is a great place to take a long walk with the dog, sit and just enjoy nature or spend the day with the family. The area is located at 660 Bexhill Road in Mississauga, so it’s accessible from all parts of the city and is open to the public. Here’s what you can expect from visiting the conservation area. 

LActivities in the Conservation Area
When you visit Rattray Marsh you will probably be surprised as to how quiet and peaceful the area is since it’s located in the middle of a city. The conservation area has a network of raised boardwalks and walking trails so you can view everything nature has to offer here. As you’re visiting, though, you’ll want to make note that no cycling is allowed in the area on these trails so leave your bike at home. Further, you can spend the time walking your dog on these trails, but your dog must be leashed the entire time you’re here.
The conservation area offers stunning views of the Lake Ontario shoreline so you can practice your photography skills. The trails here are also part of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail network, too.
A Little More About the Marsh
This area is the last remaining lakefront marsh within the GTA, and offers a very unique experience for those who enjoy being in nature. The area is home to many birds and wildlife, so it offers fantastic opportunities for those who may enjoy participating in bird watching or photography. The pathways and boardwalks have been upgraded and continue to be well maintained so that those visiting the area stay on the designated walking trails and not disturb nature.
The area was officially opened as a conservation area in 1975. Many people in the community recall how the area was saved from a land developer who wanted to fill it in and make it into a housing development. The marsh is still used, to this day, as a kind of living classroom where everyone in the community can learn a little about nature first hand.
Through education and community involvement this area is well maintained and continues to be a fantastic natural escape right in the middle of the city. Taking a short walk, or a long one, through the trails and boardwalks of this area you will likely find yourself relaxed and with a new outlook on life. Spending just a little time in this natural conservation area will have you appreciating the Lake Ontario shoreline from a new perspective. Make your way to 660 Bexhill Road and spend the warmer weather in the marsh, getting in your daily exercise and spending time with family and friends. 

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