As a homeowner, you know that you will have to replace the roof at some point especially if you plan to stay in your home for many years to come. Since replacing a roof is a very large expense – one that you’ll need to plan for – you don’t want to do it too early but if you wait too long then you might end up with bigger problems like water leaking into your home and causing a lot of damage. Here are the signs to let you know it’s coming time to replace the roof on your home, so you should start shopping around.
Shingles that are curled or buckled
If the shingles on your roof are no longer laying flat against the roof that is a clear sign that your roof has some age to it, and may need to be replaced soon. Curled shingles can happen when there is moisture in the attic or crawlspace, forcing the nails up and out of the shingles. This curling can leave your home exposed to the elements.
Missing granules
If the shingles on your roof are missing the granules then your roof is also missing its ability to repel water from your home. To verify if this is happening, check the gutters for granule build up. Once this starts to happen it will be important to replace your roof sooner, rather than later, so that there is minimal – if any – water damage inside your home.
Tar Streaking
When a roof starts to show signs of tar streaking, or even algae growth, is caused by bacteria that eats away at the shingles on your roof. Sometimes the companies that manufacture shingles use limestone as a filler in the composition of the shingle. Algae will eat away at the limestone, and causes the streaking effect. If this happens, the weatherproofing of the shingles is greatly compromised and it is time to replace the shingles.
Missing Shingles
Whether due to a sever storm, or just wear and tear over the years areas of your roof with missing shingles expose your home to possible internal damage from moisture build up. While there is material between the attic and the shingles, the shingles themselves create a weatherproof barrier so that the elements don’t get into your home. When you start to notice that shingles are missing, it’s time to start thinking about replacing the roof.
Higher than Normal Energy Bills
If it’s more expensive than usual to heat or cool your home this could mean that there is energy escaping from your home, either due to poor ventilation or insulation especially in your attic and roof. If you notice these increasing energy bills in addition to any of the signs above then it’s definitely time to start looking at a new roof.
Replacing a roof is a big expense for most home owners, but delaying the replacement could mean bigger problems with your home. Roofs that have been compromised may cost you much more than the just a new roof if you want too long. 

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