​Keeping children entertained can be difficult, especially when it seems as though they have endless energy and can’t sit still for more then a minute at a time. When the weather is nice it’s easy to take them to the park for a couple hours to run around, or spend time at the beach or local pool. When the weather isn’t so nice outside, though, you might find yourself struggling to find something fun to do with the kids that they will enjoy and will keep them entertained for an afternoon. Here are the three best activities for children to enjoy in Mississauga, no matter what the weather is like and they work for children of almost any age.
Kidsport Indoor Playground
This facility is one of Canada’s largest indoor playgrounds, and it consists of 18,000 square feet which houses 2 play structures, an arcade, a sports area, a cafeteria and 5 rooms for private parties. The indoor play area gives children the chance to run around and play with what interests them: if they want to climb and crawl through tunnels in the play structure or spend some time playing video games in the arcade they can do this within this contained area. Parents can enjoy watching their children play, or participate themselves if they wish to. This indoor playground is perfect for those rainy afternoons, or even to book your child’s birthday party at. It is located at 4500 Dixie Road in Mississauga. 

Balls of Fun
This is another indoor playground, located at 3615 Laird Rd in Mississauga. This gym focuses on supervised play surrounding balls so that children can develop skills necessary to excel in sports as they grow. Kids are free to run around in this gym, and they can aim balls at targets, balance on balls and participate in obstacle courses. While it might just seem like fun and games, this gym will entertain your children while helping them further develop hand-eye coordination. This gym is fully supervised, so you can drop your children off here and run a few errands or you can stay and watch them play – which ever you wish. This playground is another great way to spend some time with your kids outside the house, even if the weather isn’t perfect.

Air Riderz Trampoline Park
What better way for your kids to spend an afternoon – any afternoon – than jumping on a trampoline for hours and, literally, bouncing off the walls? Located at 3600 Ridgeway Drive in Mississauga, this indoor facility is completed filled with trampolines where kids, and adults, can bounce around, jump into pits filled with foam and even play some dodge ball. If adults are so inclined, they can also join in the fun with their kids to jump around and burn some energy. If you feel like something a little different than jumping, you can attempt to climb a wall in the climb zone and ring the bell at the top. This facility is sure to keep your kids – and you – entertained for hours, and it’s right close to home.

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