​Sometimes finding fun, different activities to do on date night can be difficult. Spending every day in the same city might make it even harder to notice unique, exciting places to plan a date at. Whether you’ve been together for 20 years or are taking someone out for the first time, Here are some places that will make a fun night out that you might not have considered.
Do you remember how much fun you had spending whole afternoons jumping around on the trampoline when you were younger? Just because you are an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t still have that kind of fun. Skyzone is a room – floor to ceiling, wall to wall – filled with trampolines where you can jump around and feel like a kid again. This date night idea is sure to make both of you laugh, get your heart pumping and help you work up an appetite so you can enjoy sitting down to eat afterwards. Skyzone is located at 3636 Hawkestone Road in Mississauga.
Celebration Square
While this is an outdoor space so it might be more accessible during certain seasons, this area almost always has something fun going on. Access to the events held here is almost always free, so if you’re looking for something more budget friendly this might be right for you. In the winter, there’s an ice rink where you can enjoy free public skating followed by some delicious hot chocolate in the café here. Throughout the summer, though, there are so many events happening here: from various festivals to a movie in the park every Thursday evening. Bringing your date here will not disappoint either of you. If you’re thinking this might be a great date night for you, head on down to 300 City Centre Drive to check out what’s going on there any time.
Korean BBQ
You might be thinking well this is just like dinner at any other restaurant, but it isn’t exactly the same. What’s really neat about a Korean BBQ restaurant is that you get to work together to cook your meal. You’ll get to know each other, or re-know each other, during this meal as you watch your partner prepare and cook their food. Test your grilling skills at a place like Miga Korean BBQ & Japanese Yakiniku located at 2382 Dundas St W in Mississauga. 

Game Night
While playing board games are a popular way to spend time when you’re staying at home, you can spend a night playing almost any kind of board game you can imagine. Every Friday night Studio 89 puts on a board game night where everyone is welcome to come out and try something new. Playing board games together can be a fun way to bond, and even get to know your new date: there’s a lot to learn about someone by how they handle winning and losing. What’s really great about this for a date night is that any money you spend here (on drinks or food) will go directly towards helping the functioning of the community hub. This café, located at 1065 Canadian Place in Mississauga, is a café with a function and it’s the perfect way to spend your date night. 

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