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Roof ventilation is a crucial part of many roofing systems. It allows proper attic ventilation and prevents condensation. Without a proper roof vent service, condensation can build-up and contribute to early aging of your roofing system and even cause rot and damage. Proper ventilation is also important in regulating the indoor air and climate within your home. Vents play an important role in proper air circulation, essential for a mold-free, healthy and happy home.

Mississauga Roofing specializes in roof vent service, installation and repair. Our professional Mississauga roofers have years of knowledge and experience in handling all types of roofing systems and installations. Apart from roofing ventilation, we also offer skylight and eaves through installations. As a seasoned Mississauga roofing contractor, we service commercial and residential properties across the Greater Toronto area. We have completed projects in Oakville, Maple, Hamilton, North York, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Toronto, Markham and more.

Roof Vent Installation by Mississauga RoofingRoofing

Ventilation only works if there is an air flow. To create an air flow in an attic we have two primary methods: Mechanical Ventilation and Natural Ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is made with powerful motor fans. Unlike previous models, there are many silent commercial grade fans that offer efficient venting power.

Mechanical vents can be retrofitted to all types of roof space and have a low running cost. Natural ventilation as the word suggests relies on natural intake of outside air to circulate around the home. This can be done in a form of windows and chimneys. Natural ventilation focuses on harnessing outside air to cool down a structure, ensure good air quality and circulation.

Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

Expands Roof Life

Proper ventilation helps avoid ice damming by allowing warm air to escape before it melts the ice and snow on your roof.  A nicely vented roof can easily be spotted. During winter months snow will naturally gather on top of the roof, a properly vented roof will not have any icicles forming on the edges. This prevents flooding, water damage, mold and rot. 

Decrease Extreme Indoor Temperature

Proper roof ventilation allows cool air to enter the attic or roof space while allowing hot air to escape. This keeps your attic, roof and upper floors cooler. That means a more comfortable home and a lot of energy savings especially during the summer months.  

Decrease Energy Costs

​When there is proper ventilation, your indoor air quality and temperature becomes more comfortable. That means less heating and cooling needs that eventually translates to lower energy costs all year round.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of roof ventilation are: it can restrain the growth of molds, protection from mildew damage and it can also minimize paint peeling. Knowing the benefits of having proper roof ventilation is good. Knowing well-equipped and reliable Mississauga roofers is even better. We can install, repair and service your roof vents anytime! Our Mississauga Roofing team is dedicated to ensuring the safety, integrity and health of your roofing systems. This includes making sure that your home has the proper ventilation that it needs.

Mississauga Roofing Vent Service

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